2018-19 Holiday Festival Baseball Tournament - 12th Annual

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"The 2018 MLB Season Disk "


Click on the winning team's name to see box scores from series.

Prizes:  1st-$100, 2nd-$50, 3rd-$20 & 4th-$20 (all are in DKSports Gift Card Currency)


Click here to view AL manager contact info or NL manager contact info

RULES - Click here to view screenshots of how the rules were set.

  1. Round 1 starts on 1/2/2019 - There are 28 teams in this tournament.  You MUST have the 2019 version of Action PC Baseball installed on your computer w/the latest patch
  2. All rounds are best 3 of 5 except the final 2 rounds.
  3. Final 2 rounds are best 4 of 7
  4. There is a day off  in between each travel date and in between final scheduled day of series.  Series that end earlier will have more rest dates for next series.
  5. Each round will be played over one real calendar week.  You must reach out to your opp by Wed of each week to setup a time to play
  6. If you haven't contacted your Opp by Wed or they haven't contacted you please let the commish know and a sub will be found
  7. Keep in mind that this is software that is just out of beta and there can be errors and bugs that will affect game play.  If that happens we will do our best to fix things, but some things can't be fixed.
  8. Sign up sheet was posted on 12/20/2018
  9. Top 4 finishers will receive a DKS gift card.  We will have a championship round and a consolation round to ensure that we have a top 3
  10. Seedings were done based on order of finish during 2018.  Teams that made the post season were re-seeded based on their post season results.  Final 4 teams got a bye.
  11. There is no reseeding after each round.  Bracket busters are rewarded!.
  12. Fatigue is based on the maximum amount of games a team could play in the tournament (29).  I enter in 30 games and start fatigue at 125%, which gives you even more cushion.
  13. Batters with 450+ AB's and pitchers with 150+ IP are immune to fatigue.
  14. Catcher's fatigue is part of the process.  Typically if a guy catches 8 or more consecutive games it might kick in.  I believe the game engine prorates it based on a guy's real life usage.
  15. The DH is to be used ONLY for home games for AL teams .
  16. Good luck to all !

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